BioCentric Lighting™

Sustaining the natural rhythm of life

Why BCL?

Today, humans spend the majority of time indoors and do not receive natural synchronization with exposure to sunlight. This affects productivity, alertness and sleep. BrainLit’s light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL) reproduce natural daylight indoors. This is done differently from traditional HCL and LED solutions, which mimic sunlight variations with linear light control without adjusting to real time changes. BCL environments include sensors and algorithm based recipes, light recipes, to adapt to different users, occupations and times of day. The variation of the spectral composition in a light recipe promotes the natural circadian rhythm which increases efficiency and improves sleep. We cater to different segments such as office environments, health care, education and hospitality.

Swedish innovation inspired by nature

Improved productivity

Better eyesight

Higher alertness

Sounder sleep


People who spend time in our natural, enjoyable light environments are happier, healthier and sleep better. BCL improves your well-being in any setting and helps prevent mistakes at work. It can also provide a relaxing environment for individual creativity or recovery. Develop a BioCentric Lighting™ solution today to improve corporate productivity or cater to individual needs.

Your life - fueled by light.

Life in BioCentric Lighting™

With BCL, you can always adjust your very own light environment according to your needs. We create a robust solution that works equally well in a two-person office as it does for an entire office building, factory or hospital. When you need to tweak something, we provide user-friendly, intuitive interfaces in the format that suits you best.


BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environment is beneficial for children in school environments, professional working life conditions, the industry sector, public spaces, hospital units or care facilities for the elderly. With BCL, we provide better quality of life. For everyone.

"A healthier lighting environment for premature babies, their parents and hospital staff at Helsingborg Neonatal Ward."